Pickleball and Social Distancing

The most important thing for everyone right now is to be safe and follow the directions to stay at home and social distance. That means all Pickleball right now is whatever you can do on your own at your home.

What Can You Do at Home?

  1. Take the self assessment and determine your skill level so that you know what you would like to improve upon to get to the next level.
  2. Watch Youtube Videos ….There are plenty online for every aspect of the game.
  3. Practice – If you have a wall, a paddle and a ball. Practice eye hand co-ordination hitting the ball, forehand, then backhand, then rotate one hit forehand, one hit backhand.
  4. Exercise – Stretching is one of the best things we can do as Pickleball players and most players show up for their games, go onto the court and warm up hitting the ball back and forth. Stretching is something we all need to do and getting in the habit now can be something you add to your routine before we all get back to our clubs and recreation play. 

Training Tools

“The Pickleball Tutor Plus is my favorite coaching tool and is instrumental in taking not only my students’ games to the next level but mine as well.” 

EVALUATION:  the client will participate in a game-based practice focused on the skill lesson objective. This will determine the different technical skills required to work on to improve game play.
CONSISTENCY:  before a skill can be mastered, it needs to be repeated over and over. The Tutor Plus Ball machine is used to shoot balls so participants can work on the same mechanics to develop consistency on the skill we are working on.
GAMES: Training has to be fun, so I use games to practice the skill we learned during the training session. Games are a great way to create situations to learn.

Improving During Recreational Play

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America and one of the main reasons for its growth is because it is social and fun, so that is the number one thing to remember when you show up to play recreationally.
My philosophy, because I am competitive, is to try and win but realize that is not the true goal of the game for me .


For players of higher skill levels playing with or against players of lower skill levels:

  • Don’t coach your playing partner without being asked
  • Don’t target the weaker player you are against
  • Practice shots that need improving
  • Slow the game down as much as possible
  • Focus on making zero unforced errors

For players of lower skill levels playing with or against higher skilled opponents:

  • I highly recommend this to get your game to the next level
  • Don’t be intimidated, everyone started at one time at your level of play
  • If you have questions….ask. Pickleball people love to help!
  • Use each game as a learning experience and have fun

Bottom Line:  These are just my thoughts, but I feel they keep the game fun and everyone improves their game.  Try to win, but in the end your paddle goes back in the box for your next match win or lose.

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